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to be too "Marshally." Works great with a Tele, Strat or Les Paul. I got this guitar from Rick Zsigmond (New Kings Road Vintage Guitars) around 1998. My defense is I'm absolutely passionate about them. As I drove to Cambridge to view it I had a feeling it was an original Candy majestic star casino buffet coupons Apple Red Tele and not the "Wine Red" guitar it had been advertised as (Fender Wine Red?!). I get offered silly money to sell it sometimes. It's been the Tele I use live ever since I got it back from him. They had a sound. I can't tell how I prefer the look of it, with them on or off. In my opinion Orange heads work best with a Strat. 65/6 Marshall 18w combo I wont say too much about acquiring this amp except I bought it in a shop in London for much less than its worth because they made are there any casinos near washington dc a mistake about what it was. (Just in case you don't know and you're interested, when Jim Marshall signed a new, exclusive distribution deal with Rose Morris in the late 60s he left his previous distributor, a mate in Birmingham, in the lurch, so he agreed to carry on supplying his. Mid 70s Orange OR120 amp This is a really good sounding OR120 that used to belong to Wayne Currillo from Missing Persons and Duran Duran. No extra money from the label, the budget was tight. B022900 Although these basses have become very associated with the 80s they are still one of the best sounding bass guitars ever made. 33139 I'm not a Gretsch guy, but I did a session many years ago when I suddenly realized the tone I needed was a Gretsch. 303876 I bought this bass off a German guy in London in 73 when I was still at school. 66 Fender Telecaster - Blonde. I knew I was having it right then. I had to agree with him there! One single PAF Filtertron.

Amps 66 Marshall plexi Super Tremolo 100 Iapos. Like a condensed full plexi stack. I bought one from Tony Beastie at Antoneapos. Baggs La Patrie Laney epiphone Larrivee Leathergraft Line 6 Lowden Loxx LSL Guitars Mad Professor Amplification Magnatone Markbass Marshall Mayones Mesa Boogie Misc Used Mojo Hand FX Mono Monster Cable Morgan Music Man Music Nomad MXR National ResoPhonic Neat Microphones Orange Origin Effects Patrick James Eggle. Bought this one out of Loot in London around. S old guitar, combo, tahu, the epiphone first guitar on Under Attack the intro to Superchannel is this amp. I just used it at The Alarm show at The Bowery Ballroom NYC July 2006 and it passed with flying colours. It had been perfect, khatulistiwa, bluesbreake" aCry69. But now some of the gold within the black outline of the logo was flaking off.

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Our sale items section is updated regulary so check for often to get the best deals on cheap guitars. In spite of the lovely colour and near for mint condition apart from the break. Early 70s Marshall Checker 2x12 Great sounding. It was in Ricks for a service when he rang me to say heapos. We agreed at 1800 and he took a late 60s 335 I had in trade. Mid 70s Fender silverface Twin I bought this amp in 82 out of the old Exchange And Mart.

The wood certainly looked thirties, but the numbers on the inside of the body, 6029 3, didn't make any sense.I love the Gibson embossed pick-ups the company used on its guitars around 71/72.

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I bought this guitar for 600 bucks at a guitar show in Las Vegas in 2002.I paid quite a lot for it because I thought it was a particularly nice one.I already had both the right pick-ups and a mid 60s guard in my parts drawer.I didn't go out and buy the first one I saw, instead I hung.74 Gibson Les Paul Custom Ivory.


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Sounds fantastic acoustically too but the De'armond is great for a cheap, grating live acoustic sound - perfectly fitting the old Alarm classics.They sound small without sounding thin.I lived in Earls Court myself at the time.I use them with JCM 800 4x12s (although I just started using a checker 4x12 I've just got with 30 watt Celestion G12Hs, my favourite speakers).”