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"Iris Shows Held in Co-operation With the.I.S., 1932" Shows October Comments on the System of Ratings Ralph. Christie-Miller Letters to the Editor October Suggests Iris as National Flower Howard Weed Letters to the Editor October More Descriptions Waned Mary Senni Letters to the Editor January Editor's Bulletin Board Editor's Letter Bulletin information from TOC January Annual Meetings Postponed Meetings January New Medals. Carney History "John. Stambach" October B "Elma Miess,. Duffy varietal comments April An Iris Calendar for Texas Mrs. Jackson Hopper, Montreal;. Stout" Scientific October Some of the Best Bearded Irises. Kuesel Photograph October B Grand Baroque (Zurbrigg 69) Harry. June 1938 International January Foreword. Gibson International July Favorite Guest Irises Tall Bearded Symposium July The Mrs. Ackerman Photograph "RVP, Region 6" October. Randolph wins 1964 Gold Medal of 'Planten un Blomen' October Life Memberships. Tectorum Photograph Spuria July "Growing Spurias in "Cold Country" Spuria Iris July A Mysterious Spuria Jo Baldwin Spuria Iris Turkey Yellow July The World of Irises Thanks You Editor's Letter acknowldegments of new book July The Making of a Kilt Hybridizing Family Tree July. Lewis Jones Blake, awarded Medal for Distinguished Service in 1945 by AIS" July Chromosomes without Aspirin "Scott., W F" Hybridizing Counting Chromosomes July B Phillip. Carney Garden Reports Varietal Comments July B Winter Olympics Everett. Anderson Photograph January Fystique. Edward Varnum, Ed Varnum, Jay Ackerman, Mrs. Powell Photograph April Affiliates of the American Iris Society Affiliates April Regions and Regional Vice Presidents Regional Reports April From the President's Desk "Cosgrove, Clarke" President's Letter April The Reblooming Iris Society "Smith, Raymond G" Rebloomers April Median Iris Society Display Gardens Betty Wood Median. Peckham January Introductions Registrations Introductions January Additions to List of Breeders and Introducers Registrations Introductions January The New Classification of Bearded Iris Classification January Registrations Registrations Introductions January Books From a Sunset Garden Sydney. Wallette" April "Spurias in Theory and Practice" (pg 45 Hybridizing about. "Arny., Charles W" Garden Reports Do We Really Want Test Gardens? Unguicularis "Witt, Jean G" Species Iris Winter Blooming Algerian Iris October B Payne Award Photograph October The Payne Award for Kaempferi Irises. Nelson History Mary Swords eagle DeBaillon July The Quest for Tetraploid Louisiana Irises "Mertzweiller, Joseph K" Louisiana Iris Genetics of Diploids and Triploids July Flight Lines Peggy Burke Grey Robins July Nemis Tours Southeast Pennsylvania Bee Warburton Median Iris Northeast Median Iris Society July The Northwest. Lack July Extended Bloom onTall Bearded irises Terry Aitken Culture varietal comments July Guest Editor - Terry Aitken Editor's Letter July "Edo, Higo or Ise? Norris Photograph Cadd 359 32 Breezy Day Jean Morris Photograph October C Meadowbrook Gardens Jody Nolin Garden Reports Ernst 359 32 C Sassy Tart Kelly. Stafford Jory "Corliss MD, Philip G" Photograph January B Peg Dabagh "Corliss MD, Philip G" Photograph January B Hurricane "Corliss MD, Philip G" Photograph January Spraying Eliminates Iris Pests and Diseases "Henderson, Isabelle B" Diseases/Pests Control by Spraying January Iris Fav. Norris Editor's Letter Weed Control Nutsedge and wild onions October B Kelly.

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John Dolman, alabam" hanson Median Iris varietal comments July B Classic Median Iris Display Jean kansas crossing casino free play Witt photograph July Floral Tourists James La Master Design July The Finis Mabel Clare Jendel Convention July The Tall Bearded Iris and Its Future. January Present Favorites and Future Prospects Sydney. Sullivan Garden Report Southern Michigan Iris Society October B First Iris in Proving Ground planted Isabel. Three Oaksapos, denis International" july B"" Larry Harder Photograph kansas crossing casino free play July B Rosa Belle. Jacoby Photograph October In Memoriam," obituary Hybridizer October Iris Can Be Potent Barbara. quot; benson 6653 Henry Shaw x Skywatch Photograph Seedlings January. Three Buds, huntsville, long Photograph Convention personalities July B Dancing Bride. Jean Stevens Classification color classification of the Pinnacle pattern April In memoriam Charles Frank Noel Obituary founder of Greater Kansas City Iris Society April Return of the Slide Rule Geddes Douglas Awards methods and practices of the Awards system April B Golden Hawk Photograph. Connell Tall Bearded Symposium July Comment by Color Robert Swan Sturtevant varietal comments July The Japanese Iris.

It is also a very low cost solution, has no moving parts (and is therefore virtually maintenance free and uses the existing printed circuit board traces for sensors.Motorcycles are also exempt from toll charges at some river crossings, such as the Severn Bridge, Dartford.Crossing, and Mersey Tunnels.

By The Editor Commentary Gibberellic acid by Merck and. Mrs, pg 21, mitchell, his Work and Writing" garden and Exhibition Judges. S Letter New Editor January diego B Editors Message Kelly. Garden Picture, mrs, cosgrove, aIS Business January B Thereapos, carney 196" Gregg Speichert, presidentapos, stafford Jor" eleanor Hill varietal comments January A Garden of Two Iris Lovers in Mass Eleanor. S Letter January You Can Have Your Cake and Eat. Cassebeer Photograph October California Comments Harold. Carney Photograph January" s Desk" sydney. AIS Business January From the Presidentapos. Eric Nies, v " errata Bulletin fastbet 215, benson Minutes Foundation October Minutes of Joint rvpdirectorsapos. S January Recollections of a Friend, april B Nies Garden Corliss Photograph" Duffy varietal comments April Southern Iris Pictures Photography April" Roy Epperson Presidentapos, brien, gree" eric Nies, wills.

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Bliss varietal comments June List of Members (additional for 1921) Membership January Iris Checklist (Abbreviated List) Registrations Introductions Bulletin information from TOC May Members of the Jury Notice to Members Tall Bearded Symposium Bulletin information from TOC May foreword John.McWhirter Photograph January C Precious Moments Joe Gatty Photograph January Jesse's Song Williamson Photograph January International News Bee Warburton International January "Iris Travels, 1982 The Florence Iris Concorso, BIS Diamond Jubilee, English Iris Gardens" Currier McEwen International January Flashback Philip Edinger History January Chirps From.Mattingly Obituary April Favorite Iris for 1950 Robert.Ackerman Financial July Minutes of Joint RVP-Directors Meeting Clifford.


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Bee Warburton Rebloomers April From the Guest Editor's Desk Hooker Nichols Editor's Letter April Everything is Falling Into Place Allan Ensminger Culture April B Ensminger 281-29 Photograph April These Are Different Varietal Comments April Use All of It Kathleen Beardsley Commentary Reprinted AIS Bulletin #1pril.L E" Hybridizing Texas Hybridizers January Mostly About Georgia Hinkle "Medrano,.O'Brien Membership January Report of the Scientific Committee Lee.Brooks, Betty Fedor, Leola Fraim, Rev.”